World Star 2018

 health, strength, close to nature and tradition - Holzhacker Display

The display is a striking eyecatcher at the P.O.S. It was designed according to the unique attributes of the testimonial – health, strength, close to nature and tradition.

(The corrugated material can combine all these characteristics.) A special uv spot coating on the crowner guarantees the high attention to the brand ambassador.

The display is lightweight, easy to carry, can be easily assembled, but has also a sturdy structure (because of special sheets in the shelves and trays), which is necessary referring to the heavy content.

Variable separators allow an individual placement of the products.



  • 1_DisplayHolzhacker
  • 2_Crowner_3DEffekt
  • 3_VerleihungWorldStar2018
  • 4_WorldStar2018_1
  • 5_bergabe

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